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´╗┐Williamsburg planners Masteron E 200 OK apartments at hotel against city staff recommendation

The most impassioned came from Billy Scruggs, a former city councilman and "Anadrol 50" fellow hotelier.

"I see this as a win/win for Doug and the city," he said. "I see this as workforce housing and that''s an important need in the city. I know for some people this is about keeping ''those people'' away. ''Those people'' cook the meals in our restaurants and they make the beds in our hotels. They are the backbone of our tourist economy and they are part of our community. Do any of "Oxandrolone Powder India" us know where they live? They must be out there somewhere."

Scruggs said the employees at his inn and his restaurant often come Bestellen Cialis from far away, "they''re from Newport News Primobolan Depot Benefits and Hampton, because there isn''t anywhere here for them to live."

Scruggs said he grew up in trailer park right across the street from where Knight''s Inn is on York Street, and that he lived in a trailer when he first went out on his own.

"But we''ve lost that workhouse housing," he said.

He said Pons''s case was also about "letting a local businessman, who''s devoted to the community decide for himself the highest and best use of his property."

Pons said that his hotel has been operating at an average 20 percent occupancy for the last five year and he''s only been able to keep the doors open by "good management." He also said he''d explored every redevelopment option before proposing this plan.

Debbie Keane, co owner of A Williamsburg White House, a local bed and breakfast picked up the theme of helping a city businessman. "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" "When is Williamsburg going to do something for our local small businesses, who bring more to this city than any large business does?" she asked.

A representative of St. Bede''s Outreach, which ministers to the homeless, also supported the proposal as did local political activist John Whitley.

Even the residents of the nearby Village at Quarterpath development, who although they praised the way Pons kept up his property had questions about the details of the proposal, were satisfied by the end of the meeting.

That happened largly because Pons agreed to limit the occupancy of the 35 efficency apartments and three one bedroom apartments created by the plan to three and the two two bedroom apartments to five.

He also said he was looking at six month rather than short term leases, and that there would be management on the premises at all times.

"That answers the questions I had," said Deb Snyder, a resident who had emailed questions to the Planning Commission. The planners but little stock in the objections raised by the Planning Department.

One was that there are 63 students living in city hotels, who don''t count against the city''s share of funding for the Williamsburg/James City County Schools. If they had lived in apartments instead they would cost the city $9,730 apiece.

Elaine McBeth pointed out that children in hotels still live in Williamsburg. "It''s not Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies any secret that kids catch the school bus at that hotel," she said.

References were made to the old Tioga Motel that the city bought and tore down after it became a frequent home for the homeless and an eyesor,e and a current motel that many see as a place where people are living permanently.

"If I get up one morning and read that people have died when [the motel] burned "buy cheap jintropin online" down because somebody left a hot plate on because they were living in a place that wasn''t meant for long term stays, that would be the worst day of my life," said Planning Commission Chairman Demetrios Florakis. Planner Jefferey Klee said from the street, no one would really know anything has changed, since the part of the property would still operate as a motel.

The Planning Commission also rejected a condition suggested by staff that the extra outside doors be removed from the one and two bedroom apartments. Klee said that would be a huge expense.